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You may be entitled to make a claim for injuries resulting from a slip, trip or fall if the accident occurred within the last three years and the accident was caused by another party. Quittance’s solicitors have successfully made slip and trip compensation claims against parties including employers, retailers and local authorities.

Your solicitor must establish that the other party was legally responsible for the accident and that your injuries resulted from that accident. In some cases, such as tripping over discarded material in a public place, it may not be immediately obvious who is to blame for the accident. If you are not certain who caused the accident you may still be able to make a claim. Slips and Trips at Work

Slip and Trip Injury Claim Solicitors

Slips and Falls Outside of Work

People trip over everywhere. In the UK alone there are over 62million people, the majority of which are all walking around the streets and supermarkets as part of their everyday life. Ensuring these environments are kept clean and safe is imperative to the well being of everyone.

Pavement Accidents

You may have suffered a trip injury as a result of a pothole or a raised paving stone. In either case, there is no point in making a claim unless the relative raise or drop of a defective pavement is less than one inch. So if a pot hole is an inch or deeper or a paving stone is an inch or more out of line then there are possibly grounds for a claim if you have injured yourself. If the defects are any smaller than this then there are not really any grounds to claim. For more details on liability pertaining to public claims for compensation, please visit this page.

Supermarket Accidents

Slipping hazards are commonplace in many shops today whether caused by the employees or the people that shop there. Most supermarkets today have very efficient processes in place for dealing with spillages so as to ward off any potential for claims against them but they do still happen and people do still get injured.

Smaller shops tend not to have such efficient processes in place, which can make their environment a hazardous place to shop.

In a similar vein trip hazards are commonplace and again, shops need to have a safe and efficient method of getting products off the floor and onto the shelves.

Slips and Trips can very often be avoided so it pays to be vigilant when walking the streets, supermarkets or anywhere else for that matter. If you find yourself injured from such an incident then there are typically insurances in place that should be utilised to ensure you do not lose out financially or suffer.

At Quay Solicitors our personal injury specialists have a wealth of experience in obtaining compensation arising from car accidents and can provide full and impartial advice regarding any all aspects of your claim. In addition we are able to offer practical support to minimise any inconvenience you may suffer.

All personal injury claims are pursued on a No Win No Fee basis so you can rest assured that there is no financial risk.